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Fresh Breads

Traditional Bread


Hand moulded with a beautiful crust with a soft, light flavour inside. Our Bloomers contain no fats or sugars!



The beast of breads – our farmhouse one of our favourites. This delicious dough makes for a fabulous bacon sandwich! Our Farmhouse contain no added sugars.



Whether you’re a rounded top, flat top, wholemeal, white, granary, medium or thick sliced or even an unsliced kind of person, the mighty Tin is a lovely light loaf and our biggest seller.


Rolls, Baps & Soft Batons

We bake a large selection of rolls in several different shapes, sizes, soft and crusty. We can also do rolls and batons to suit your business – just pop in or phone us for a chat about your requirements.


Speciality Bread


Our baguettes are crafted using traditional French baking methods. We use French flour to give them an authentic French flavour and that we think gives them a certain ‘ je ne sais quoi’. They’ve been taste tested by a Parisian restaurant owner and he gave them the thumbs up!


German Rye Bread

A small dense loaf, hand crafted using traditional method. This makes a really nice change and goes well with cold meats.


Soda Bread

No yeast or fermentation gives this bread it’s distinct flavour. This goes well as an accompaniment to soup.


Low GI Bread

A delicious combination of pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds which is rich in oilseeds and nutrients.


Spelt Bread

Spelt is an ancient grain which should not be confused with common bread wheat. It has the ability to be tolerated by many people with wheat sensitivities and is said to be more digestible than wheat and richer in nutrients. We think it tastes quite nice too! Definitely one if you’re trying to avoid wheat!