Know what’s in your bread!

We have a lovely customer base who are loyal and complementary of our bread and the experience they receive. Our fabulous staff on the shop can spot our customers at 50 paces and can tell you exactly what they want. In fact, when I’ve been on the shop some customers come in and just look at me…..I have to then apologise profusely that I have no idea what they want.

Today I just wanted to talk about the differences in our bread (and in fact of any good craft bakers) than the average sliced loaf.

Our bread contains flour, water, salt and in some cases a small amount of fat (there is less fat in one of our large 800g white loaves than in 1 wrap).   This means that if you squash our loaf, it will bounce back, our bread will also go stale (or toastable) – just like bread used to and indeed is meant to. I find it slightly alarming reading articles about certain food chains that there bread rolls do not go stale or mouldy in over a year – you have to wonder what is in it to make it do that.   Ask a traditional baker and they will be able to tell you which flour mill they use and where all their ingredients come from, to me that’s worth a lot. Everything tells you that going back to basic ingredients is a better way for your health.  This blog has been written by Laura Austen, Parkside Bakery in Stafford.hp-slider-image-v2